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Workers Repairing Outside Of Building

Building and Facility Maintenance

Management & Maintenance Services 

  • When tenants leave, work must be done. We help spruce up vacant apartments for the incoming tenants. CMM will update kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, ventilation, windows and wall coatings.

  • Volume discounts for multiple units done simultaneously.

  • Common areas must be updated. We handle staircases, laundry rooms, gyms, foyers, mailrooms, etc.

  • Outside the building, we build and maintain parking facilities, pour sidewalks, seal and paint exteriors, and remove unwanted greenery.

  • On top of the building we handle roof repairs and roof coatings.

  • We are a source for all of your Local Law 11 needs.

  • We provide on-call maintenance work for several property managers, schools, and institutions throughout the tri-state area.

  • Our clients send their repair needs on a daily basis. We then send out the necessary technicians to get the job done and keep your facilities and apartment buildings running smoothly.

  • We are on call for emergency 24-hour repairs.

  • We have dedicated personnel for institutions that require individualized staff.

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